Phormy Limited is an exclusive series of furniture that is limited in quantity or time. 

The concept was started by an unusual project created by Max Kobiela on the individual request of The Walt Disney Company. 

Starting from the extraordinary, personalized interior design of the office, the company's chairman evolved through other spaces to end up with a series of four prototypes dedicated to the brands of this global concern.
The one-off design has become the foundation for the launch of the Phormy Limited series. 

Unlike regular sale products, the quantity or availability is limited and becomes unavailable after the cycle is closed.

Each limited Phormy product has an individual nameplate that emphasizes the collector's character of this series.



From 7th of March 2022, 
we are celebrating 
Piet Mondrian 150th birthday! 



Very, very special, one-off project 
exclusively for 
The Walt Disney Company

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