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From the beginning of the uprising, the main driving force
was private need and, above all,
satisfaction resulting from the need to create.  

Playing with form, color, technology and detail, initially, 
it did not bear the hallmarks of a business concept.
Over time, the passion for creation found a group of its
supporters and turned into a regular brand. 


PHORMY is an author brand founded by an architect and furniture designer  Max Kobiela .

A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of the Cracow University of Technology. Professionally active since 2004, he gained experience in the field of furniture, architecture, interior design and graphic design in Poland, Europe and also in North Africa. A supporter of interdisciplinary design. 

First drafts of furniture were the answer to private needs of the designer. They were created out of conviction that "if there is no suitable form in the market, it has to be designed" .
Soon after next projects of furniture were created and with time the concept of gathering them all together under one brand name - PHORMY ( pol. forms). This is how a family of furniture, based on simple design and precision, was born. 

Over the last few years, the Phormy brand products have been recognized and awarded in many design competitions, contributing to the increase in brand recognition. 

Today we are a brand firmly established in the local market and more and more recognizable in Europe. We boldly and boldly go beyond the current framework, believing in the strength of original design and high quality.     

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